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SlimS™-Women's Sweat Set

-"This set is absolutely amazing! I have never sweated so much, when I took the set off the sweat was rolling down. The pants are also amazing, they stretch so you have a full range of motion. It was a struggle to zip the pants up, but once I got them zipped I was good to go. Definitely recommend this product, but I would say go a size up if you have larger breast or bigger bum/hips."


Amanda Barkley


If you don't exercise, then you will never lose weight. And if you already exercise, you probably know that it can be hard work to force yourself to the gym more often.

The SlimS works by liberating the sweat from women's skin, thereby increasing workout sessions. Plus, the suit's compression allows for more fat-burning blood flow to and from the muscles maximising results in fat loss. Based on the results we have seen so far, this is a product that everyone should have!




                   Why SlimS will improve your  workout 


✔️Increased sweating: The suit helps to increase sweating, which can aid in weight loss by burning calories and detoxifying the body.

✔️Improved circulation: The heat generated by the suit helps to improve blood circulation, which can lead to better overall health.

✔️Toned body: The suit can help to tone the body by increasing muscle activity during exercise. 

✔️Stress relief: The heat generated by the suit can help to relax the muscles and provide a sense of well-being and stress relief.

✔️Convenience: Sweat suits are easy to use and you can wear them while doing your regular workout routine, you don't have to go to the sauna.

✔️Portable: the Sweat suit are portable, you can use it wherever you want, at home, at the gym, or even while traveling.


Sarah was one of our customers, She was struggling to lose weight. She tried everything until she found the SlimS sauna weight loss set. With this set, she was able to enhance her weight loss efforts and sweat more during her workouts. The heat generated by the set helped to increase her metabolism and burn calories faster.

Sarah noticed significant changes in her body after just a few weeks of using the SlimS and recommended it to her friends and family. With SlimS, Sarah finally achieved her fitness goals and felt great about her body



Brand Name : Daily Needs

Material : POLYESTER

Thickness : STANDARD

Sport set Function : Loss Weight, Control Tummy Waist 

Sport set Size of Women : S,M,L,XL,XXL 

Packaging includes 

Weight loss jacket

Weight loss pants